Finding my Strengths

Recently, our team at Webflow was asked to conduct a Strength Finder workshop via This was my first time filling out something like this and I found the results really interesting! I think frequent introspection and learning about one’s self is a healthy and insightful practice.

Here is a description of the assessment from the

During this hour-long online assessment, you’ll see 177 paired statements and choose which one best describes you.
The assessment measures your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, so when you’re done you’ll have discovered your talents.

After we filled out the assessment we were asked to write up our first impressions.

My 5 Signature Themes (top 5 of 34)

1. Developer (Relationship Building)
2. Belief (Executing)
3. Restorative (Executing)
4. Harmony (Relationship Building)
5. Connectedness (Relationship Building)

First Impressions Discussion Guide

1 — What was your first reaction to your Clifton StrengthFinder report(s)?

I was a little taken back by the heavy Relationship Building trend but after some introspective time and discussion with my wife I think StrengthFinder got it right. Over all I found the results accurate and fascinating.

2 — What has your report(s) helped you discover about your talents?

I place a strong emphasis on Relationship Building and maximizing the Development of others. I’m also adept at dealing with problems and resolving them.

3 — Did any part of your report(s) surprise you?

I’ve considered myself a very strategic and analytical thinker throughout the years. I spend quite a bit of time researching, evaluating, contemplating, and writing out my thoughts before making a decision. The StrengthFinder test does reflect this but not to the level I would have thought. However, I do think it got it right as I care very much for the well-being of others (Relationship Building) before many other things.

4 — Is there a particular theme you expected to see among your five Signature Themes, but didn’t?

Strategic, Input, Analytical, all Strategic Thinking.

5 — Have you shared your StrengthFinder report(s) with anyone? What reaction did you get?

I presented my results to two co-workers and had good discussions. One mentioned in the little time we’ve known each other that he feels my 5 Signature Themes are fairly prevalent. We also discussed how our lesser strengths aren’t necessarily weaknesses, but compliment our greater strengths in some way.

6 — Tell me about a time when you used one or more of your Signature Themes?

  1. At my previous job, I invested much of my time into the Development of others. As the first front-end engineer, I helped build a team and provide the necessary documentation, resources, and training to help us execute. I was often leaned upon for Restorative efforts and worked on tricky bugs or build improvements while others worked on delivering features.
  2. There have been many times where my Beliefs (or core values) have been challenged. One example of this is, at a previous job, our team was working 10–12 hours a day, week after week, to release a feature and I had to step up and call it out. I find work to be very meaningful, fulfilling, and fun, however, in comparison with my family and health it’s not on the same level.

How have your Signature Themes helped you succeed in the past?

I believe my motivation to progress in life derives from Beliefs and core-values. Staying centered is important in making sure I’m sticking to priorities and allocating time to what matters most. Some of my other top strengths are Learning, Positivity, and Empathy in which I feel play a huge contributing factor in helping me get to where I am today.

8 — How are you using one or more of your Signature Themes in your daily life?

  1. As a father of 4 children and husband I get to practice many of these day-to-day. My wife and I try to help Develop our children by cultivating their individual strengths while guiding them through life. There is also an element of imparting our core values and Beliefs into our children and encouraging them to form their own. At home, we try to be deliberate about creating an environment that’s in Harmony by finding consensus and making well thought-out decisions.
  2. I help with a small in-home church group where we meet with 6 families that have various beliefs and doctrinal backgrounds. I often play the Harmony and Connectedness role in trying to find consensus and keeping us on track with the greater goals.

Are any of your Signature Themes (top five) more of a stretch in terms of understanding them or seeing them in yourself? If so, are there parts of the definition that don’t seem to apply to you?

I feel my 5 top themes are accurate!

With ❤️ Andrew